2018-2019 Scholarships

Applying for our scholarships is easy, online, and can be completed on all types of mobile devices! The scholarship application deadline is January 15, 2019 - be sure to submit your application on time!



For high school seniors, use the link below to access our general online application, which will then give you access to all of the Topeka Community Foundation scholarships are are eligible for:



Amanda Gardner St. Matthew Scholarship- this scholarship is available for 8th grade students at St. Matthew school who are planning to attend Hayden High School.  The application may be found here.

Class of 1949 Sarah Thacher McNeive Memorial Scholarship- this scholarship is available for Topeka High School juniors who may need assistance with senior year expenses. The application may be found here.

Sergeant Thomas D. Rhyne Memorial Scholarship-  this scholarship is available to anyone currently employed in law enforcement in the state of Kansas who is pursuing educational courses to further or enhance his or her career in law enforcement. The courses may be a part of a degree program or continuing education courses.  The application may be found here.

James and Catherine Lardner Scholarship- this scholarship is available to female college upper class students who are majoring in architecture.  This application may be found here.

Chief Master Sergeant Howard and Carol Steanson Scholarship for 190th Air Refueling Wing Members- This application may be found here.



Here are a few tips to help you stand out in any scholarship application:

  • Take the time to write essays. Often, scholarships that require students to submit an essay have fewer applicants, meaning your chances of being selected are higher. 
  • Avoid scams. Be wary of any site that charges a fee to search its database of scholarships or sign up. There are lots of free sites that have access to the same scholarships.
  • Avoid online writing services. Students who use paid services to write or edit their scholarship essays are less likely to be chosen because schools will notice a marked difference between their application and essay. These services also do not show the scholarship administrator a genuine version of who you are.
  • However, DO ask a friend or teacher to read your essay and application for any mistakes that you may have missed.
  • Talk to your guidance counselor about scholarships available through the school that you might qualify for.
  • Follow all instructions carefully and make sure you are submitting all the required parts (including letters of recommendation, transcripts, etc.)
  • Stay organized and know the deadline for each scholarship you are applying for.

Generous Foundation donors have made possible hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarship grants. Make sure to take advantage of these opportunities.